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Surf classes

Learn to surf with our experienced instructors

Technical Surf Coaching

No matter your level, we've got you covered! We'll find the right waves for you depending on your current skills and the day's wave forecast. Our group lessons are kept small with 5 students maximum.

We start our day with a warm up, and end with a reflection of the session. According to your level and motivation, the session will include theory, functional training, safety drills, and movement analysis.


Join us for a fun, safe, and supportive learning environment.

An instructor demonstrating a surf technique to his student while they both lay of their surfboards in the sand


For those who have never touched a surf board before or are still getting a hang of the basics. We'll spend time on shore demonstrating the body mechanics of surfing; the right body posture, paddling technique and of course: the take off!

At this level, we're aiming to get you catching 100% of white water waves and managing 90% of your take-offs successfully, and maybe even the occasional small green wave we can help push you into.


Progressing from the white water, to green and glassy waves. We'll cover surf etiquette, water safety, paddling out, and dive into wave theory. We want to take you to the level of being able to read & catch waves confidently by yourself as well as surfing them.

An intermediate surfer learning to catch green waves
A surf teacher on shore taking a video to coach his student

Video Analysis

For motivated intermediates and advanced surfers looking to finesse their skills and train for different wave types. We use video analysis to coach surfers, correct mistakes, and establish a base for future self coaching.


1 / What's Included?

Wetsuits and surf boards are provided

You should bring a bathing suit, sunscreen, water, and any medications you might need.

2 / How much does a session cost?

Private: 80 € per person
Group: 50 € per person (Group lesson capacity is 5 students maximum.)

Discounts available when booking packages of 3 or more sessions.

3 / What does a session entail?

After arriving at our surf spot, we'll start with warmups. Beginners will learn the basic drills and techniques on shore, while more advanced students will engage in spot guiding, theoretical lessons, and other coaching as suits individual levels.

We'll spent 1.5 – 2 hours in the water, and then recap the feedback on areas where you can improve on after the session.

4 / Where do we surf?

The day before your session, we'll check the wave forecasts and determine which surf spot is best for your level. Punta Blanca, Caleta Inside, Laguna, North Shore, Cotillo, and Rocky Point are just some of the breaks that we might go to.

5 / Languages

English and German

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